Terracotta Modern Chinese

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We’re huge fans of fusion Asian cuisine, so it was no surprise that we ended up at Terracotta Modern Chinese Restaurant when we were deciding on our next Eat Out destination. Think traditional searing flavours of Chinese tapas and dishes but with a modern concept in presentation and setting. Terracotta’s three floor levels provides food, drinks, and entertainment in a sleek lounge-style environment with dark decor combined with ancient statues of Terracotta Warriors. The music is upbeat and sets the mood for socializing overs Terratinis and appies. If you’re stuck on choosing appetizers, we highly recommend the Crispy Shrimp WonTons served with Red Vinegar and the Szchuan Green Beans (I hardly ever eat vegetables, but I quite enjoyed this flavourful dish). Main dishes in the menu to note include Ginger Beef Dynasty, Chicken Chow Mein, Seafood Saga (scallops, prawns, basa fish, white onions, and peppers), Chicken & Jellyfish Salad, and BBQ Duck Wraps. Then finish off the meal with Tapioca Happy Ending, baked tapioca on a thin pastry crust served with La Casa Gelatao Green Tea Ice Cream. The prices are decent (average of $10 for appies, and $10 to $12 for main dishes) and above all, the dishes are tasty and full of flavor. Pardon me as I wipe drool off my mouth.

Terracotta’s drink menu

Schezuan Green Beans

Crispy Shrimp Wontons with red vinegar

Seafood Saga (prawns, scallops, basa fish, & veggies) with a side of rice

Chicken Chow Mein (chicken, mushrooms, & bean sprouts on crispy and soft egg noodles

Skip ordering Chinese take-out at home on a Saturday night and head to Terracotta. I also recommend the place if you’re celebrating a birthday or looking for a hot spot to host a social networking event. Terracotta Modern Chinese is located at 52 Alexander Street Vancouver, and you can call to book reservations (604.569.3088) or online at www.terracottavancouver.com. And of course, follow them on Twitter for menu updates @Terracotta_Van and say hello to them on Facebook!

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The Prince Charming of Modern Thai Food

November 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

It’s been a hectic November for the both of us, so a rainy day off on Remembrance Day meant a much needed trip to downtown Vancouver. After a stall at the Skytrain ticket machine (did you know the machine has a max number of coins limit? Someone tried to pay with all nickels and dimes…) and an unsuccessful bag hunting effort, we were exhausted and in dire need of warm and comforting food. With our absolute love for Thai cuisine coupled with a sense of eagerness to try some place new, we ventured to Charm Modern Thai and Bar (who we’ve been following on Twitter) in Yaletown.

We were charmed by their modern and rich decor (think red walls, bamboo, and gold-framed mirrors), warm ambience, mellow and relaxing music, the aroma of spices, and their tempting menu which left our mouths watering before ordering. Charm Modern Thai was established in 2008 with the goal of bringing the authentic tastes of Thailand straight to Vancouver with a modern twist. Their menu includes the usual Thai dishes such as yellow, green, and red coconut curries, pineapple fried rice, and Pad Thai. Items that caught our eye were Thai Style 3 Flavoured Fish, Papaya Salad, Coconut Cream Scallops, and Spicy Linguine. There’s even a dessert called Chocolate Chili Torte which includes actual hot chili pieces, but we were too scared to try. Drinks include sweet and innocent cocktails such as Phuket Caiprioshka (fresh whole lychees muddled with Soho and Absolut vodka and yes, we giggled at the name) and dirty martinis such as Bangkok Breeze (Absolute vodka, cointreau, pink grapefruit juice and sugar). What surprised us was the pricing of the dishes. We were totally expecting it to be higher priced, considering that it’s a Yaletown joint; however, menu items were very reasonably priced (check out their lunch menu!) and the service was great too. Fusion food hubs tend to get iffy reviews, but Charm meshes authenticity and innovation together very well. We weren’t complaining!

Thai Iced Tea (a mix of coriander, orange pekoe tea, cinnamon & nutmeg) & Crispy Prawn Wonton

Crispy Prawn Wonton

Red Coconut Curry with Chicken (rich, creamy, and our fave)

Charm Seafood Lover (if you’re not into big pieces of black pepper ask for less)

Deep Fried Banana with Vanilla Sauce

Next time you’re craving for a Thai fix in a warm and sophisticated atmosphere, head to Charm Modern Thai and Bar for mouth-watering dishes, exotic drinks, and daring desserts. For all you Canucks fans, Charm also hosts hockey nights with on special $12 pitchers in the lounge. Visit www.charmmodernthai.com for their menu and restaurant hours and if you’re salivating just looking at the menu like we were, hit them up at 1269 Hamilton Street. Follow them on Twitter (@charmmodernthai) for updates and promotions or check out their Facebook page (Charm Modern Thai and Bar).

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Sellina & Melissa


Dip into some Capstone fun-do . . .

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Attention all dessert fanatics! If you adore the delightful taste of fruits, chocolates and cheese, you will love what Capstone Tea & Fondue has to offer. Located in Downtown Vancouver, this adorable dessert palace presents to you all you can eat fruit & dark chocolate fondue or pastry & cheese fondue. Perhaps a little thirsty after all that fun-do-dippin’ ? Not to worry, Capstone serves a variety of teas, fruit smoothies and bubble teas to quench your thirst and prepare you for your second or even third  round of fondue! Not only are the scrumptious dessert items impressive, but the ambience of the venue is too. As we stepped through the doors, we were welcomed by the mouth watering aromas of sweet chocolate and fresh fruits. The interior decor included glass shelving and a distinct wall scattered with three dimension words describing a variety of items and flavours offered by Capstone Tea & Fondue such as “strawberry” and “earl grey tea.” Talk about human sized menu! If we had to narrow it down, our favourite item was the mini ice cream scoops served frozen on a cold stone slab dipped into the oozing dark chocolate. Yum!

Great for socializing and bonding over a candle lit dish of sweet treats, or cheesy melts, this unconventional & fun way of enjoying dessert is definitely worth experiencing! So come on down to 1429 Robson Street to engage in a little fondue fun! Visit www.capstonetea.com for their menu items & prices.

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Sweet dreams are made of these

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As we stepped inside Tracycakes Bakery Cafe, the sweet aroma of cupcakes and desserts filled our noses in this quaint and elegant Victorian-inspired setting. Tracycakes was established in 2006 by Tracy Deuck. Located in White Rock and over-looking the beautiful beach, Tracycakes plays tea party and serves more than 40 varieties of scrumptious specialty cupcakes, fresh baked goods such as muffins and scones, and home-made lunch and dinner meals including soups, salads, sandwiches and quiches. The cafe serves organic teas, coffee, wine, beer, or cider to compliment your tasty treats and eats. Tracycakes also serves high tea (which is an elaborate term for afternoon tea) but you don’t have to be the Queen to get the royal treatment. High tea includes loose leaf teas, finger sandwiches, sausage rolls, fresh fruit, lemon curd, Devon shire cream, and baby cake cupcakes just to name a few. We fell in love with the rustic Victorian-style silverware used to serve our Earl Grey tea and the mini egg holders where our sweet little babycakes sat perfectly! Popular cupcake picks include La La Lemon and Lovely Bunch of Coconuts! But we loved Boston Creme Cupcake and Almondlicious! Click here for a complete list of cupcakes galore.

So whether you’re looking to keep yourself warm with hearty home-made food after a windy beach day, to reconnect with old friends over a cup of tea, or to satisfy your sweet tooth, Tracycakes at 15015 Marine Drive, White Rock is the place to be. Tracycakes is also located in Abbotsford, and they’ve recently opened up in Fort Langley! Also, visit Tracycakes online at http://www.tracycakesonline.com.

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