Hamburger Disco Tee For Me

May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hamburger Disco. Three guys, some dope t-shirts with a fun & nostalgic theme, and an epic Vancouver entrance and exit. I went to visit this pop-up store today on their grand finale day to pick up my free tee (via Vancity Buzz + HD contest – thanks!). I was a little sad that the style I picked didn’t come in womens sizes but that’s okay (I picked up a mens small), baggy t-shirts are much more comfortable anyway. I’m capable of eating atrocious amounts of food, so I guess a baggier fit is more suitable for me! Here’s what I got, handed to me in a cute little white paper bag …

Please excuse my lame pose. I become awkward when you pull out the camera.

Hands down, Hamburger Disco came & left Vancouver with a BANG. I was talking to one of the fellas & he mentioned that they might come back to Vancouver in July, so for those who haven’t had their Hamburger Disco fix, there might still be hope. Otherwise, check out their t-shirts online at and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter (@HamburgerDisco) and Facebook (Hamburger Disco) for news and updates.

 Look Out for Hamburger Disco t-shirts,



Bake For the Quake

April 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last week we attended Bake For The Quake with a couple friends of ours at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre in Yaletown. Organized by local food bloggers Melody Fury ( and Joy (, this collective bake sale was held to raise funds for Japan and the tsunami relief. The event featured Vancity’s talented bakers including Smudge Bakery, Em’s Gems, iBakery, BAH!, Hearth & Larder,  SweeTease Cupcakes,  Something Sweet For You, and Elaine Evans. They all produced special treats and desserts to help this amazing cause.

This was no ordinary bake sale my friends. Not only did we line up for nearly half an hour to get in (the line-up ended up going all the way outside), but the place was jam packed with people. It was seriously busy. Nearly five minutes into the madness, I had already lost Mel to French Macarons. Squished, trampled, and smacked in the head by someone’s umbrella, I made it out alive with a few goodies and some pictures…

Sakura Fudge

Something Sweet For You Cake Pops! How cute are they?

Mini Vegan Cupcakes

Canucks Cupcakes. And on another note, how EPIC was that win last night against the Hawks? I was nearly in tears…

Mel & I with our treats

As far as baked goods go, everything was delicious, creative, and innovative. 650 Vancouverites attended and Bake For the Quake raised $7136. Talk about a colossal success. It was considered the biggest bake sale in Vancouver history.  Just goes to show how supportive our city is!

LOOK OUT for Bake For the Quake,

The Look Out + Deal By Day Giveaway

April 20, 2011 § 13 Comments

Update: Contest is CLOSED. We’ll announce a winner soon!

To show our readers and followers how much we appreciate their support, we’ve teamed up with Deal By Day ( to give them a special treat! Enter to win a Decadent Chocolate Treat-Mint Pedicure and White Chocolate Paraffin at Luxe Beauty Lounge in Yaletown (a $75 dollar value) courtesy of Deal By Day.  This giveaway is perfect if you’re looking to relax post-final exams or if you’re in dire need of some down time!

Deal By Day is a one-stop site for all of your daily deal needs. It consolidates ALL of your fave and popular coupon sites (such as Groupon, Team Buy, GoLowDeal) into ONE easy-to-use site and through daily e-mails to ensure you never miss out on great deals!

Now let’s get to it. There are two ways to enter this sweet giveaway…

1) Leave your name, your e-mail (which will not be published), and a comment for this post letting us know that you’d like to win the Chocolate Treat-Mint Pedicure and White Chocolate Paraffin at Luxe Beauty Lounge courtesy of Deal By Day.


2) Twitter and RT: “I entered to win a Chocolate Treat-Mint Pedicure & Paraffin at Luxe Beauty Lounge c/o @dealbyday & @thelookoutblog”

If you’ve entered this giveaway BOTH ways, then you have a higher chance of winning this decadent beauty package!

This contest will be closed on Wednesday, April 27th at 12:00 A.M. and is open only to residents of British Columbia. The winner will be announced on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook Page & the winner will be personally contacted with deets on how to redeem their prize.

Be sure to check out for your local daily deals and discounts & of course, don’t forget to follow ’em on Twitter @dealbyday

LOOK OUT for The Look Out & Deal By Day Giveaway,
Sellina & Melissa 

What Scales Entail

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Predator prints have never been my forte, but I admit that all things snakeskin (other than it being on the snake itself) have been catching my eye a lot lately. There’s something aesthetically pleasing about the imperfect alignment of scales and mixture of gray-blue-beige tones that make me do double takes. Snakeskin accessories in particular, pair well with a minimalist inspired outfit. Personally, I like wearing my python-esque scarf with neutrals, but hey, if you can pull off python print with warmer colours such as hot pink, bright green or neon yellow, let us know/see! Meanwhile, sink your teeth into these…

1. Dark Sand Python Zipper Wallet, Michael by Michael Kors
2. Style Stalker Venom Shirt, Nastygal
3. B.Makowsky Mary Flats, Nordstrom
4. Stella Mc Cartney Python Print Cashmere Scarf, Net-a-Porter
5. Dezenzo Peep Toe Pumps, Aldo

I’m seriously contemplating the MK Python Wallet & am looking for snakeskin flats for summer! So now I’m curious, are you a snakeskin print enthusiast or anti-snakeskin activist?

Look Out for Snakeskin Prints,


Obakki Fall/Winter ’11 Fashion Show + After Party

April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Still fairly new to the blogging world, you can only imagine how thrilled we were when we checked our inbox to find a VIP invite to Obakki’s Fall/Winter ’11 Fashion Show. Obakki is holding their fashion show on April 28th at the St. Andrew’s Wesley Church in Downtown Vancouver (1022 Nelson & Burrard Street), where doors will open at 7:30pm for their highly anticipated 8 pm show. Come out and watch Obakki models grace the runway with some of next Fall/Winter’s fashion and style must-haves (expect ethereal and romantic designs with a dark and playful twist). If you’d like to stick around for some socializing, cocktails, canapés and music, head over to their after party at Boneta Restaurant in Gastown. For more information and to purchase tickets for Obakki’s F/W 2011 Fashion Show & After Party, click HERE. All proceeds go to the Obakki Foundation, supporting an array of humanitarian causes.

We’ve heard such great things about Obakki and are ecstatic to have been personally invited to the show. We hope to see all your local Fashionista faces there! Purchase your tickets now before they’re all sold out.
Look Out for the Obakki Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Show + After Party,

Sellina & Melissa


Whip That Fishtail Braid Back & Forth

April 9, 2011 § 4 Comments

Last year, every girl I knew (including myself) sported the infamous and iconic Lauren Conrad aka “LC” side braid for Spring & Summer. This year, I’ve noticed the fishtail braid (also known as the herringbone braid) popping up everywhere and even making a splash on the red carpet. This is definitely something fun to try out if you’re looking forward to something new for your ‘do.

Images from Google


1. Part your hair into two.
2. Start the braid by holding the right section with your right hand, and using your left hand, pick up one-eighth inch of hair from the outside section and cross it over to the inside of the right section.
3. Repeat the same procedure on the other side. This time, hold the left section in your left hand. Use your right hand to pick up one-eight of hair from the outside section and cross it over to the inside of the left section.
4. Continue picking up small section and crossing them over until you’ve reached the ends of your hair.
5. Secure with an elastic band.

You can wear the fishtail braid more polished and sleek for formal settings or a bit messier for a day at the beach, depending how tightly you pull on the braid. I haven’t mastered it quite yet (two attempts, and then I gave up ‘cus I got hungry) but hopefully I will by the time summer hits. Let me know (or take a snapshot of your braid and send!) if you’re able to do it!

LOOK OUT for the fishtail braid,

Drawstring Harem Trousers for Spring & Summer 2011

March 26, 2011 § 4 Comments

To be honest, I have  no idea what these kind of pants are called. They’re a hybrid of  last year’s harem pants, high-waisted trousers, and drawstring pajamas with a rolled-up hem. So we’ll call them drawstring harem trousers for now. Nevertheless, I am falling in love. They are the perfect pant silhouette this season – drapey, light, airy, and they look oh-so-comf relative to those super tight jeggings that I’ve been squeezing into all winter. Aritzia‘s variety comes in crepe de chine and linen cuts in an assorted array of soft neutrals and basic black (visit Artiza’s new clothing catalogue). Although harem pants are kind of tricky to pull off (they were big no-nos for most people last year when they were introduced), we’re looking at a slimmer leg and higher crotch line this season so that they’re less baggy, more toned down and a lot more chic and wearable. MC Hammer ain’t got nothin’ on this.

Images from Aritzia. Created by The Look Out.

Love it, like it, or would you never touch this?

LOOK OUT for drawstring harem trousers,

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